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Website Development

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Fidelity Computing & Communications (FCCSF) is your source for affordable, complete website solutions. From planning to deployment, no detail goes overlooked.

Clients who choose us to fulfill their web development needs benefit from years of experience and our own secure content management system. FCCSF operates in an established retail environment in San Fernando, California, and is a Better Business Bureau member. We can work with you face-to-face or remotely to determine your needs and propose a solution which fits them. For quality control purposes, no part of our website development services are outsourced.

MobileWeb Development

Mobile Web Development
In an age where mobile phones are becoming more intelligent and widely-used, its advantageous to your business to have a mobile-compatible website. FCCSF specializes in MobileWeb Development which means full compatibility for your mobile visitors.

Our MobileWeb Development practices are compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and WAP devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Promoting your website with print ads and word-of-mouth is a great way of driving traffic to your website, but having relevant visitors find you through search engines is definitely ideal.

Don't been fooled! SEO services that tell you they'll get you on page 1 for any search criteria you choose are unwarranted. These services will normally put your money toward paid ads on search engines. This solution treats the symptoms, not the cause.

FCCSF provides long-lasting organic SEO services, which involves hard work and enhancements approved by Google and other search engines. We will help you reach your traffic goals effectively and ethically.

An ideal Search Engine Optimized website receives traffic from diverse sources. In the image below, we see our own SEO practices maintaining diverse relevant traffic sources, ensuring a constant flow of traffic is achieved. This is the result of truly organic SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Traffic and Data Tracking via Google Analytics
We provide Google Analytics with each website we build or optimize, for complete data tracking

For quality control purposes, no part of our SEO services are outsourced.

Web Hosting

From personal to enterprise website hosting solutions, FCCSF has you covered. Our servers are located in Dallas, Texas. Our web hosting clients benefit from:
• Dual core processors
• 4GB or more of RAM
• 50mbps of available bandwidth at all times
• Quality data center-grade server hardware from Dell and HP
• cPanel control panel
• Optional enhanced email support

Our data facilities feature:
• High-grade security
• Multiple industrial internet uplinks
• Two days of emergency electricity
• Water-less fire-supression
• Raised flooring for effective cooling and useful in the event of flooding

Email Services

Whether you are in need of primary or backup email solutions, our low-latency mail servers will make sure your mail is delivered quickly when sending and receiving.

Much like our web hosting services (above,) our email servers boast extreme quality control and an the reliability of an "always up" platform, and the following features:
Intelligent spam filtering Our RBL lookups block known spammers Webmail
POP3 and IMAP support, for sync'ed email across all your devices Quick mail processing: Your emails are delivered reliably and quickly AT&T and Verizon internet customers get access to our Port 26 relay

Domain Names

In need of a .com, .net or .org domain name? We provide affordable domain name and managed DNS services.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

SSL Certificates
Looking to secure your e-commerce or other type of sensitive platform? AES-256 bit SSL encryption should do the trick. FCCSF provides bank-grade SSL certificates which will ensure your visitors that their sensitive data is secure. SSL Certificates should be used in any place where important data is sent. If you accept credit cards, you are required by law to use SSL when collecting information.
Our data facilities in Dallas, Texas:


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